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Friday, January 07, 2011



I wanna be your sunshine
Melt your heart
Giving you warmth

I wanna be your sunshine
Cheer you up
Putting a smile on your face

I wanna be your sunshine
Clear the clouds
Wiping the tears off your face

I wanna be your sunshine
Close your eyes
Kissing your cheeks

I wanna be your sunshine
Hold your hands
Hugging you tight

I wanna be your sunshine
Hear your thoughts
Listening to your whine

I wanna be your sunshine
Give you hope
Assisting in your goals

I wanna be your sunshine
Be your right hand
Easing your burden

I wanna be your sunshine
Wrap your shoulders
Giving you comfort

I wanna be your sunshine
Erase your worries
Delivering joy

I wanna be your sunshine
Stand by your side
Giving you company

I wanna be the SUNSHINE
Shine down on you
Lighting up your life

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Lost Footage of ME...

As I promised to blog more often, here’s another updated post of mine. Well, more like a recap of what I’ve been doing while I was away from blogosphere. The thing is, I thought that I’ve only left for 6 months (since my last updated post before my return was in June), but then, after checking my older posts, I realized that I’ve actually not updating this blog, for… about 1 year. Yupeeeeeeeeee! That’s a long long time. Feels like I’ve been disappearing from the blogosphere and got sucked into Tron. Hohohohoho. :p

So many things had happened for this whole period and so many changes had occurred in my life. Even the blogosphere is quite different now. Sigh. I’m a lousy blogger. You might need to jot that down.


I’ve been doing some thinking, and I thought it’s better if I could recap what happened to me and where I’ve been within this period of time. Besides, 2010 is coming to an end in a few weeks time. Hence, it’s perfect timing after all to review what I’ve been through in 2010. Since my updates basically stops somewhere after 2010’s Chinese New Year, let’s continue from where I left behind.

But instead of putting it into months like my normal yearly review, I’ll just sort them into events, major events/changes so to make the post shorter and straight to the point.


The Final Effort

For this 4 and a half year in MMU, my results have only been degrading instead of improving, I guess, basically due to the fact that I’m sick of studying and there is a significant increase of distraction from my studies and attraction to “extra-curriculurs”. Hence, more play and less study, since the third year, or shall I say not studying at all till the very last minute, unlike in my first two years when I was rather more hardworking. And more and more involved in blogging. But unavailability of internet connection have seriously delay most of my posts. I still have tons of blog posts pending in my draft right now. All about outings, food review and movie reviews. I guess I’ll gotta forgo the movie reviews as you guys are only interested in the latest movies showing on cinemas, aren’t you?

But things changed last trimester and my study mood kinda came back. I guess I was worried about failing my final trimester and it would delay my graduation. I ended up concentrating more on my academics instead of my fun time with my besties.

Thank god I did as my results climbed up. It’s good to have your results improved. You fulfilled your responsible to your parents and to yourselves and you feel a little smarter. But the downside is that I spent a significant less amount of time with my besties and sorta like withdrawing from them gradually. Hopefully they don’t hate me.

And talking bout my besties, I start missing them already!


Have been to some nice places, and enjoyed nice food with my besties right up till June. Will update it when I’m free.

The Worst Fever Ever and Drastic Weight Loss

“Hey, Catherine! Wow. I can hardly recognize you. You’ve lost so much weight! Were you on diet? ‘said one of my foundation coursemate when I bumped into her one day in campus. In fact, many of my friends had been telling me that I’m getting skinnier and skinnier.

September 2010

May 2009

To be frank, it’s not what I wanted to. How I wish I’m a little fatter than I am now. Don’t get this the wrong way. I’m not trying to boast about my slim figure. It’s just that I’ve lost my curve along the way and I really wish to get it back. I think that a woman should not be cursed with a slim figure but should be blessed with curves to die for.

And trust me. When I say I didn’t go on a diet, I really didn’t. If I would have to blame something, I guess it would be the fever I had during Chinese New Year. It’s not a normal fever but a serious one. The fever come and go and I couldn’t recover until my mum finally figured out that it might be what the Chinese called “GI MOU DAN” which literally means pig’s hair fever. It’s kinda an old folks’ saying that one can only recover by rubbing his/her back with chicken feather. So, my mum went to the market and bought some chicken feather and using a cloth, she wrapped up the feathers and rubbed my back. When it’s done, she opened up the cloth and discovered some silver needle-like objects, of which they claim to be the pig’s hair. Besides, there is also a transparent round objects, which mum said are fish scale. Which indicate that my condition was kinda serious. And that the heat in my body was very high. I recover the very next day and a few days later, I went back to MMU to continue my studies.

I slimmed down a lot because of that fever and since then, I hardly gain any weight.

6 months of Practical Training

As mentioned earlier in my return post, I’m currently doing my practical training in PJ. It’s actually required by my University in order to graduate. It’s a 6 months internship in this 2 trimester (2 last trimesters of my studies) in any audit/tax/accounting firm or in any company so long under the supervision of an MIA member. Like most people, I chose an audit firm since it’s the best way to learn. Sorta like a stepping stone in my career path. I’ll stay if I like and if I don’t, at least I’d equipped myself with the necessary knowledge after all.


I’m now in one of the Big 4 audit firm. Sorta unlucky to be having my training during the peak period. My allocation sheet is basically fully filled. Basically working at client’s place till at least 8.30pm. In audit, there’s no such thing as 8.30-5.30. Consider myself lucky to not having to work till midnight like some seniors. Talking about my seniors, almost all of them who I’d worked with so far, are pretty friendly and kind. It’s fun when you’re working with a bunch of good colleagues. I guess I’m a lucky gal after all.

Will talk more about my work and colleagues in other posts. :D

Make Up

Make up does wonders. It conceals whatever imperfections on your face and makes you look, like… 10X more beautiful than you are. But if you get it wrong, you’ll few years older. It’s not easy to master the art of makeup. It takes time and effort. I’m slowly learning from someone who knew nothing about make up to a quite ok beginner.

Eating disorder

Throughout the year, I’ve also been having some eating disorder. I always felt very hungry but when I started eating, I felt full instantly and I couldn’t finish my usual portion. That is also one of the reason why I just couldn’t get fat.

But recently, as I started my working life, I find myself getting hungry even quicker than before and eating more and more portion than I used to. Sometimes I feel hungry 2-3 hours after my meal and start searching for things to know. It’s pretty abnormal to me and I’m beginning to turn into a glutton that I could eat double of what I used to. However, there are no changes to my weight still. Maybe it will in the long run. Let’s just wait and see.

The Sisters Gap

while my sister is 2 years, older than me. When I’m in kindergarten, they’re in primary school, when I’m in primary school, my bro is in secondary. When I’m in secondary, he’s in University. When I enrolled in university (even though same university), he’d graduated and started working. Even if my sister is only 2 years apart, we don’t talk much about personal stuff. We love each other but we’re not closer than we are with our very own besties.

Few months ago, she went to Singapore for a better job. Hence, an even larger gap than before. We’re now in different countries. That’s even worse than before.
It’s kinda sad to come to think about it. I only get to meet her like… few times a year. Well, Singapore’s holiday is very much different from ours.
Hate it when she’s around and I wish for separate lives and when she’s not, I wish she’s here, near me…

Two is Better Than One

No, I’m not talking bout Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls.

Ahem..*clear throats* Okay here goes….

I’m actually in a relationship now. Hopefully any of my friends reading this right now won’t get shock about this. Been kinda low profile. Even my relationship status on facebook is not updated. Probably only those who are real close or frequently stalk me on facebook or twitter will know. And my coursemates, colleagues and housemates of course. If you’re a family member (when I say family members, I also mean relatives) and are now reading this, do erase off your memory after this or seal your mouth. Some of my aunts/uncles are still unaware of this and I don’t really like to publicize this. It’s best to keep things low profile till the right time comes along.

When? Who? How? – might be your question now. So, here goes my answer. It happened during my disappearance from this blog. In fact, it’s part of the reason why I have not been updating frequently. When you have new commitments, and many other major important things happening in your life, you tend to become busier and busier and your schedule got tight, like real tight. More time for the other half and less for yourself. He’s my coursemate back in MMU (no further description or photo of him to be disclosed in the mean time). And as for how it happened, it’s gonna be confidential! :p And for goodness sake, I have no idea why ppl keep asking me this question. It’s rather personal don’t you think? And most importantly, I don’t wanna spoil your imagination.

Anyway, we’re both doing our practical training in different states. So, it’s a 6 months long distance relationship for now.

Accounting Nite 2010

Attended my class graduation dinner, also known as Accounting Nite 2010. It's a annual event of MMU accounting students in their final semester as a form of gathering before we all eventually left the Uni and head of to our working life. I initially thought of not attending the dinner since most of my close friends are not attending. But what kind of gf I am if I let my bf attend alone? So, I ended up going anyway. And thank god I did. I enjoyed myself and I'm grateful that I ended up taking lots and lots of photos with my coursemates before we bid farewell to each other.

Definitely a night to remember.

As we're working now, it's rather difficult to to meet up again. So... no regrets.

Pre-Graduation Photoshoot

Although my friends didn't attend the dinner, we had our very own pre-graduation photoshoot in our campus. At least, a memory to cherish. :D

New Phone

Remember my last year’s post about my new w910i? It’s the very first phone I bought using my very own savings. A lousy phone indeed but nice design, so who give a damn right? Plus, it’s my property. Anyway, I lost it! Yup, I tweeted bout it. Lost it during my journey back home (Melaka home) from my dear’s sister’s wedding I attended in Penang. I think I dropped it at one of the highway’s R&R. Sad max I tell you. It’s a phone I own for only 1 year. I don’t even think it has fully depreciated yet. Total loss. Sob sobzzzzzzzzzzz. My dear bought me a new phone – J105i - Naite. Love you dear! I’ll be extra cautious about keeping my belonging safe next time. I’ll take good care of it.

Side note: The phone is not anything expensive but more than enough to me. I wouldn’t go into detail but it’s far greater than the w910i. Another thing I like about the phone is that it is an environmental friendly phone, made from recycled plastic and power saving charger. It’s even wrapped in a smaller size packaging to reduce transportation costs. Nice concept. For more detail, visit this website

2 weddings and a funeral

I attended 2 weddings and was jimui for both. One was my cousin’s and the other was my bf’s sister’s. One was a Chinese style wedding while the other was a chapel wedding. It’s the first chapel wedding I ever attended and I liked it. Too bad I won’t be having one for myself as I’m no Christian. And I’m really into beautiful gowns.

I also attended a funeral this year. Happened a few months ago. It was my uncle’s. He passed away after his hemodialysis. I’m pretty afraid of funerals as it’s so gloomy and full of grief. The hardest part is not accepting the deceased’s death but to see the grief of the family. Life is valuable. Take good care of your health.

Hair Fall

Talking bout health, I’ve been having hair fall problems for months now. Just changed my shampoo for healthier scalp and started using hair tonic to boost hair growth. Hope it works.

First Flight Experience

I flew for the first time in my entire life about a week ago. Yea, call me noob or jakun or whatsoever if you like but I seriously have never been on a plane before this. I’ve never been out of Malaysia, not even the Pennisular. Anyway, I’m still passport-less. Why? I guess you all can guess it. I flew domestic, that’s why. :p

It’s not for vacations but to visit my dear in Penang. And it’s way more convenient that way since travelling by bus would take approximately 5 hours, which is very tiring, as compared to a 55 minutes flight.

I’m looking forward to more flights in the future, especially international ones. Hoping for a graduation vacation abroad. XD


Well, I guess that ends the recap of what I’ve been through. Omg! This is longgggggggggg… hehe :p

I’ll get back with more updates, mostly food review that’ve been pending for months.

Au revoir *winks*

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back But Lazy

Noticed my abandoned blog? Yes, I'd been away since May and it's about a month already. Well, I had my last trimester's final examination on the 3rd of May till the 14th of may and then it's a 3 weeks trimester break without Internet for me and I was busy applying for firms for my upcoming Industrial Training a.k.a. Internship in Oct.

And when I was back in Melaka during the weekends, I was busy preparing for my interview at KPMG, KL. Had WKD to drive me up KL for the interview two days ago (Monday). Planned to enjoy ourselves around KL after my interview which was scheduled at 9am since we'd never been outstation together before. But both of us didn't get enough sleep the night before, especially me who was nervous about the interview - Heard there would be a assessment test besides the usual 2-way interviews. We both ended up tired like hell right after the interview, especially WKD who had to wait for me for almost 2 and a half hours. I was energetic right after the interview and really looked forward for some shopping, well window shopping I mean. But since he was extremely tired with deprived sleep, long waiting hours and all the driving, we came back to Melaka right after lunch.

While hunting for food at 1U, we came across a Lego's exhibition on the LG Floor. Those cute little blocky toys that we used to play when we were a kid are too stunning we managed to forget our hunger for a little while and snap some photos. There were some ppl with DSLR taking pivtures and we are only using my w910i phone camera. LOL. So shy.... But who cares??? :p Really need and want a proper camera.... Here's a lil photos a compiled.

The first thing that caught our attention was the Star Wars series. The size was enormous and it's just astonishing.

The second focus would be the Taj Mahal at the other end. Also get carried away with the red Ferrari F1 car, all those big trucks that resembles Transformers and one of my favourite - the plane and the VW Bettle.

WKD's favourite is no other than the fleet of armies displayed. Look out also for the latest Prince of Persia's.

Since Toy Story 3 is releasing in cinemas, they also had it displayed as well. The greenie 3-eyed aliens and Buzz Lightyear are the ones of this series that steal the limelight away.

Not really into wars and vehicles? Then there're also somethings more harmonious like the building, train track, Christmas theme and etc.

Anyway, the photo quality is kinda poor and blurry. That is why I edited and compliled using Photoscape to conceal the flaws. Well, blame it on the gadget that isn't powerful enough and the fact that we're just too tired to catch good angles...

Anyway, updates coming up soon. Will try to blog as frequent as i can but don't say I never warn you, I'm much busier than I was before and way more lazier. Hahahahahha. Try not to be disappointed. But no... I wont stop blogging *wink*

Gtg folks, time for some nap. :D

Nang my post here.


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